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Amber Lane’s Apera 100: A Single Malt Triumph

Amber Lane’s Apera 100: A Single Malt Triumph

Transparency: I was gifted a bottle Apera 100 from Amber Lane to review.

Australian whisky is on the rise, and Amber Lane Distillery is leading the charge. This young distillery, established in 2022, has already garnered a reputation for exceptional single malts, culminating in their recent success at the International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC). Their Apera 100 bottling, a single barrel expression matured in Apera casks, not only secured a coveted Gold Medal but also cemented Amber Lane’s place among the world’s elite whisky producers.

Award-Winning Excellence

The 2024 IWSC results were a banner day for Amber Lane. Their Liquid Amber single malt took home the gold medal in the single malt category, showcasing the distillery’s commitment to quality and innovation. This win is particularly noteworthy as Amber Lane faced stiff competition, with only three Australian single malts receiving the prestigious gold medal. Additionally, their soon-to-be-released Pineau 350 and other expressions like Equinox and Noble Lane 2 secured silver medals, further solidifying their reputation for exceptional whisky-making.

European Inspiration, Australian Innovation

Intrigued by Amber Lane’s success, we delved deeper into their whisky-making philosophy. Co-founder Rod Berry sheds light on how “principles learned from European distilling traditions” influence their unique approach.

He highlights the challenges posed by Australia’s hot climate, which can accelerate maturation and lead to an overly oaky flavour. To combat this, Amber Lane draws inspiration from the Cognac region in France, which shares a similar climate.Techniques like employing larger barrels, maintaining higher warehouse humidity, and strategic cask movement are all employed to create complex and well-rounded whiskies.

Savoring the Apera 100 Experience

Our own exploration of the Apera 100 revealed a truly exceptional whisky. The striking bottle and unique cork certainly set the stage, hinting at the premium experience within. As someone who doesn’t regularly indulge in whisky, I found the Apera 100 to be a delightful discovery.

The initial aroma was pleasant, with hints of those familiar ginger nut cookies. The first sip offered a surprising sharpness that transitioned into a warming sensation all the way down. The 56% ABV certainly commands respect, encouraging slow and mindful sipping. Taking Rod’s advice to heart, on my second tasting, I paired the Apera 100 with some dark chocolate, and the combination was truly divine, especially on a chilly afternoon.

A Father and Daughter’s Perspective

My father, also joined me in this exploration. He described the aroma as “enticing,” promising a pleasurable experience. The taste, he noted, lived up to the promise of the aroma, with a “vibrant impact” that mellowed into a lasting and enjoyable experience. He particularly appreciated the “robust impact” and “explosion of tastes” that filled the mouth. The finish, he concluded, was a “lasting sensation” that single malt enthusiasts would surely appreciate.

A Rare and Remarkable Gift

Overall, both my father and I consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have experienced the limited-edition Apera 100. The exceptional quality and unique flavor profile make it a whisky to be savored. If you’re searching for the perfect gift for a whisky aficionado or a special occasion, look no further than the Apera 100. It’s a true indulgence in every sense of the word.