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Back to School savings at Deepwater Plaza

Back to School savings at Deepwater Plaza A One-Stop Shop at Deepwater Plaza Woy Woy

As the summer days wane, it’s time for parents and students alike to prepare for the upcoming school year. Deepwater Plaza in Woy Woy stands out as the ultimate destination for all your Back-to-school essentials, ensuring a smooth transition from vacation mode to the academic grind.

The Reject Shop is a treasure trove for budget-friendly essentials. This store has everything your child needs, from exercise books to pens and pencils, to kick off the school year on the right note without breaking the bank. The Reject Shop makes back-to-school shopping a breeze, offering quality products at affordable prices.

Lowes, another anchor store at Deepwater Plaza, caters to the wardrobe needs of students. Whether it’s school uniforms or socks that withstand the wear and tear of an active school day, Lowes ensures your child steps into the new academic year with confidence and style. The diverse selection and quality materials make Lowes a go-to destination for all your school uniform requirements.

Deepwater Newsagency is your go-to spot for extra stationery needs and grabbing a magazine for the kids!
The newsagency also stocks cute accessories to help personalise the kids’ bags or lockers. With a vibrant array of options, your child can express their personality while staying organised and ready for the school day.

Completing the quartet of Back to School Essentials, Kmart at Deepwater Plaza offers a wide range of school supplies, from the basics to trendy accessories. Kmart ensures that your child has the essentials for their school year. With a click-and-collect option, online ordering has made the shopping process easier!

At Deepwater Plaza, we understand the importance of making the Back to School transition seamless for parents and students. With The Reject Shop, Lowes, Deepwater Newsagency, and Kmart all under one roof, you can find everything your child needs (and wants!) for a successful and stylish start to the 2024 school year. Your back-to-school checklist is now a delightful shopping spree at Deepwater Plaza Woy Woy.


Back to School savings at Deepwater Plaza