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Every year, National Carers Week is a time to recognise and honour the unsung heroes in our communities, the millions of unpaid carers who selflessly dedicate their time and effort to support their loved ones. This year, under the theme “Millions of Reasons to Care,” National Carers Week aims to shed light on the invaluable contributions of the 2.65 million unpaid carers across our nation.We explore the significance of National Carers Week and how it provides a platform to celebrate the tireless efforts of carers in Australia, especially on the Central Coast.

The Dedication of Carers

National Carers Week acknowledges the extraordinary dedication and selflessness of unpaid carers who provide vital support for their family members and friends, particularly those facing challenges such as disability, mental health conditions, chronic illnesses, drug and alcohol dependencies, or the aging population. The role of a carer demands time, dedication, and patience, and it often comes with numerous challenges.

Member for Terrigal Adam Crouch has voiced his support for National Carers Week, emphasising the importance of recognising and celebrating the essential work carers do for their loved ones on the Central Coast. Drawing from his own lived experience as a carer, Mr. Crouch highlights the difficulties that carers face. However, the driving force behind their efforts is love and compassion for their family and friends.

Government Support for Carers

The Australian government is aware of the significant contributions made by carers, and in 2021-22, the NSW Liberal and National Government committed $4.9 million to support carers as part of the NSW Carers Strategy 2020-2030. This funding aims to provide financial and emotional support to carers who dedicate their lives to caring for others. The financial support not only recognises the challenges carers face but also helps them continue their selfless work effectively.

Where to Find Support

If you are a carer or know someone who is, it’s essential to be aware of the support available. The Carer Gateway is a valuable resource for carers, offering information, counselling, and access to support services. Carers can call 1800 422 737 to access this support network, ensuring they have the resources and guidance they need to continue their caring roles effectively.

National Carers Week 2023

This year, National Carers Week will take place from Sunday, October 15, to Saturday, October 21, 2023. During this week, communities across the nation will come together to celebrate the exceptional work of carers and raise awareness about their contributions. It is a time to show appreciation for their dedication and hard work, recognizing the countless reasons they have to care for their loved ones.


National Carers Week 2023, under the theme “Millions of Reasons to Care,” serves as a reminder of the invaluable work unpaid carers do for their family members and friends. It is an opportunity to honor their dedication, acknowledge their struggles, and provide the support they need to continue their vital roles. Let us all come together during this week to celebrate and support the millions of reasons why we care.

CELEBRATING NATIONAL CARERS WEEK 2023 – Thanks to Chronicle Member – Member for Terrigal Adam Crouch 


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