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Central Coast Events Guide: LIVE FOR FREE – Updated 21.2.2020

Live for Free

UPDATE: The winner has been announced and you can view a video from the announcement RIGHT HERE!


If someone told you that you could live for FREE, you’d sign up to whatever was required right? (You’d also check out Central Coast Events Guide – Central Coast Chronicle to see where you needed to sign up.)

Hit 101.3 will be revealing the winner of their LIVE FOR FREE competition THIS SATURDAY (details are in the Central Coast Events guide) and one lucky person from the competition will win their rent or mortgage paid up to $25,000!

Can you imagine not having to pay rent or your mortgage? Just think about that for a second.

Central Coast Events Guide - Hit 101.3 Live For Free


What would you do with that extra cash?

Go on that holiday you’ve always dreamed of going on? Make some repairs around the house?  Give some of the winnings to family? Put the lot into a savings account? Splurge on a shopping adventure of a lifetime? A new car Thanks to Central Coast Holden?  Donate some to a charity?  Set up that business you’ve always wanted?

Still thinking?

Here are some ideas… You could buy 10,000 sausages at Bunnings, spend it on the equivalent of 100 high teas in Sydney, more than 1428 tubs of Peters Ice Cream or just over six years of Opal Card travel (Imagine the train trips you could go on!)

Breakfast presenters Gawndy & Ash Pollard will be broadcasting the announcement LIVE as they reveal the winner, but you also get to enjoy some goodies!

There will be FREE ice cream and fairy floss, food, plenty of entertainment and thrills for everyone to enjoy.

Central Coast Events Guide Free Ice Cream at Hit 101.3 Live for FREE event

You won’t want to miss any of the excitement of the announcement of the winner, it’s sure to be a heart-racing moment for everyone. Find out more details about the event here.  

You can Listen to Gawndy & Ash on Hit 101.3 FM  & Catch up on their podcast here.