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Chronicle Counsel

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Or is it?

December, the time of end-of-year functions, family get-togethers and social gatherings galore.

Sure, it’s wonderful to celebrate successes and see those we may not have seen in a while, but at what cost?

It’s why at this time of year, more than any other that PLANNING is so crucial. Knowing what’s going on around “the neighbourhood” is just as important as the personal engagements in your diary.

Some tips from us to you to make this festive season manageable!

*Use a different colour in your diary for work events and personal events

*Make sure you include the necessary people in any group /work invites so they know they’re required to attend – don’t assume that they know!

*Follow up with event organisers /guests to confirm attendance (and that the event is still going ahead) 24-48 hours beforehand

Another great tip, (wink-wink) is to use the Central Coast Chronicle calendar. The calendar will allow you to see the events our members have added and other community events at a quick glance.

You can join on a monthly basis and with every new membership, you get 30 days FREE! That should make for a VERY Merry Christmas and happy 2019 indeed.