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2018 – A reflection

I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a bit of insight into what a big year 2018 was for the Chronicle.

While the service launched in late July, as you’d all appreciate planning for the Chronicle was happening for the most part, a number of months beforehand (and in my head for years before that!)

I’d had the idea ticking away for  a long time before putting pen to paper (yes, I’m “old-school”) and deciding to embark on establishing my second business.

The lessons I’d learned from establishing Pursuit Communications definitely helped when starting Central Coast Chronicle. Everything from allowing myself enough time to go from idea to launch, the financial components of starting a business, PR and marketing activities and most things in between.

Setting up an online based service took some (okay, a lot) of education, but I managed to get there in the end with some help from my fabulous web designer.

The night before I was due to launch, there was a major issue with the website, I’d scheduled three meetings with three very influential people on launch day (in hindsight, I probably had a “soft-launch”), so my blood pressure was at an all time high.

My web developer was able to sort the issue out just before the meetings, so fortunately, day one went off without a hitch.

Since then I’ve brought on two associates, Tracey and Katie, and we’re out in the community meeting with business leaders to show the Central Coast how the Chronicle will work to help their business.

I’m so very appreciative of the wonderful feedback I’ve received to date about the Chronicle and even more appreciative of the businesses that have signed up and supporting a small business.

2019 promises to be a BIG year for the Chronicle and I’m looking forward to welcoming more businesses on board and helping Central Coast businesses Connect, Collaborate and Grow.