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Capitalising on Usain Bolt’s Central Coast stay


Usain’s arrived!

It’s most definitely a very exciting time to be on the Coast. So how can your business capitalise on the euphoria of “Bolt-mania”?

We have a few suggestions:


  1. Host a “Bolt BBQ” (and list it on our Calendar!) So our members can see when it’s scheduled – invite your customers and suppliers
  2. Capitalise on the speed of Bolt and highlight how quick your delivery times are or the time that customers will save by using your product
  3. If you’re based on the Coast keep an eye on the news and stay tuned to updates from Mariners in relation to Bolt’s progress, now’s the time to really support our region
  4. People will be looking closer at our region than ever before, now’s the time to build brand awareness and connect, collaborate and grow and what better place to do that than here on Central Coast Chronicle.