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Guest Post: Central Coast Chronicle listed Influencer – Jordyn Rankin

As an influencer, I’ve learnt one very important lesson that I’m sharing with you today.

There are many things to consider when constructing a post for social media.

Reaching out to businesses vital for additional exposure. For many brands having an influencer showcase their product to their own audience even on a micro level  (see Pursuit Communications blog on What is an influencer?) is incredibly valuable to a brand.


Because it’s authentic. It’s not a paid advertisement. Someone has used their product or service and has been happy enough with the results to share it with their “tribe”.

When tagging a business in your posts, (written or otherwise) without asking for the product shows that what you’re saying is authentic as it can be.

At all times, even when you’ve been “gifted” an item or service, you must remain 100% transparent and honest. Even in the times when the item hasn’t delivered the results you were after.

Recently I posted a photo of myself on my Instagram profile of some new Oscar Wylee frames I had purchased.


I tagged the brand in my Instagram post, obviously with the hope to get further exposure.

Oscar Wylee has an incredible following of almost 100K, so when they reached out to me and asked if they could repost my photo and tagged me in it, of course, I said yes!

Here’s the same image that they shared on their feed.

Take a note of the caption they used, the number of likes that my image generated for them and comments.


The result?

It’s safe to say that one post had a massive flow-on effect for everyone.

The brand was given authentic content (from me) and new followers (from me).

I was exposed to an incredible audience (via Oscar Wylee) and secured a number of new followers (again, via Oscar Wylee).

Instances like these show that it’s all about forming mutually beneficial relationships and bringing positive outcomes not only to your profile as an influencer but also for the business.

So next time you’re loving a product, tag the business in your post and share the love.