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Why it’s important to ‘dig deep’ when looking at hashtags

Standing out on a platform with over 800 million users is not an easy task so it’s time to get your shovel out and dig deep. While the Instagram shadowban may have scared you away from the idea of using and searching for hashtags, they are still an effective way to gain further engagement. Here are some tips on how to utilise hashtags to help grow your brand and reach your intended audience:

It’s all good to have hashtags that relate to your business but have you actually spent time looking at each one? This may take time but it’s better to investigate than get caught up with images that don’t align with your business. Think about following #centralcoastnsw

Use location – think of where your product or service is available and where your customers are based. Whether this is locally, nationally or internationally, you want to be found by these people! Again look at the location hashtags and you may discover other hashtags i.e. Woy Woy #makewoywoygreatagain and Terrigal #terrigalskillion

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes – what would they search for when looking for your product or service. Most often than not, the narrower the scope of the hashtag the more engaged users are because when a hashtag is overused it becomes confusing and takes away from the ‘story’ you’re trying to tell. For example use hashtags more specific to your business like #centralcoastNSWsmallbusiness or #centralcoastNSWevents

Most location hashtags and hashtags have their own story attached to them, so by using hashtags in your story that are specific to your product or service you’re giving your content yet another way to be discovered by a potential new audience. Simply use the hashtag sticker or typing them out with the text tool.

Dig deep and you’ll get the results!!