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Chronicle Counsel – A new offering

People at festival

As we approach the one year mark for Central Coast Chronicle (already?!) I’m excited to share the very first new offering to new customers of Central Coast Chronicle.

Have you been watching us, thinking I love that, but I just have one event that I’m working on at the moment?

Well then, this new option is just for you.

We’ll add your event to our calendar, so our members will see all your event details and know that it’s coming up.

Further to this, if you’re looking for sponsorship, product for goody-bags, a photographer, whatever it is – we’ll send a one-off alert to our members with your event details.

PLUS we’ll highlight your event in our monthly newsletter and on our social pages (Instagram and Facebook).

All of this for ONLY $40+GST 

To get started, click here. (Heads up – it’s the very last option in the list). Once you’ve made your payment, you’ll get an email from us, with *all* the details of everything we need to get started.

Looking forward to helping you with your event.