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Chronicle Counsel: Alphabucks $10K Mondays!

Gawndy & Maz’s $10,000 Alphabucks 

We all know and love Hit’s Alphabucks, (if you’re not familiar with Alpha Bucks it is a game of alphabetical answers) but now Gawndy & Maz are turning it up a notch with $10k Mondays!

It’s the Coast’s favourite game, and now on a Monday if you get all 10 questions correct you’ll score a whopping $10,000 cash! 

The things you could do with $10K! Where to start??

We decided to see how we’d fare playing Alphabucks in the office and BLITZED IT! (No really!) It’s a great way to spend your morning, getting your brain into first gear.

Wanna have a go?

Grab a colleague and see how you go with these questions, time yourself for 70 seconds…

The letter is “D”, remember your answers must start with that letter… If you can’t think of something, you can pass and if there’s time, come back to the question.




Name a pet

Cartoon Character

Something that breathes fire

A stain that’s hard to get out of your clothes

Something yummy to eat

A girls name

Something you do at parties

An animal you’d find in the ocean

Something shiny….


How did you go?


Our Answers? Listen, they weren’t “clever” but they did the job – in the allocated time, so we’re calling it a WIN!

Name a pet  – Dog

Cartoon Character – Donald Duck

Something that breathes fire – Dragon

A stain that’s hard to get out of your clothes – Dirt

Something yummy to eat – Dessert

A girls name – Danielle

Something you do at parties – Dance

An animal you’d find in the ocean – Dolphin

Something shiny – Diamond!

Remember to be listening to Gawndy & Maz 6-9am weekdays on Hit 101.3 for your chance to win 10K each Monday.

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