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Defibrillators have the power to change this and save lives. Having defibrillators at your place of work or community club means you can step in with the tools to save a life before paramedics arrive – every minute counts. Without early defibrillation with an AED, less then 5% of cardiac arrest victims survive.

Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast and Member for Terrigal Adam Crouch is encouraging sport and recreation facilities to apply for a share of $1 million from the NSW Government’s Local Sport Defibrillator Program.

Mr Crouch said the Local Sport Defibrillator Program would help to ensure local facilities could invest in life-saving equipment.

“Without a defibrillator, it is very hard for first responders to get a person’s heart beating again,” Mr Crouch said.

“Having a defibrillator on-hand when a medical incident, like a cardiac arrest, occurs can quite literally be the difference between life and death.

“Up to $1 million in funding can now be accessed by sport clubs, recreational associations and local councils.

“I’m encouraging our local clubs and organisations to take advantage of the funding on offer through this life-saving program.”


Acting Minister for Sport Geoff Lee said up to $1 million was available to sporting clubs and councils this year.

“In NSW, up to 7,000 people experience an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest each year,” Dr Lee said.

“Medical experts say the first eight minutes following a cardiac arrest are critical and that early access to CPR and a defibrillator is essential to increasing a patient’s likelihood of survival.”

Applications will be accepted until Monday, 12 April 2021. For more information, go to: https://sport.nsw.gov.au/clubs/grants/defibrillator.

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