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Chronicle Counsel: Coast company offering COVID solution

Coast company offering COVID solution

On positive news – A Coast company is offering  COVID solution.

A Central Coast company is offering units that remove 99.99% of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) from air and surfaces within one hour and can be installed in less than a minute. 

“Since the outbreak of the pandemic, infection control and risk reduction has definitely been top of mind, and the increase in demand has followed with several hundred units moving in just the last couple of weeks,” said Carl Pavett, Managing Director of Hunter Technologies. 

Australian designed and manufactured in part on the Central Coast, the units have been extensively tested against DNA / RNA based viruses (the approach used in FDA approved testing). Demonstrating that OHAir is effective against a full range of viruses, no matter their protective lipid sheaths. 

Hunter Technologies Air Treatment Systems are so effective against COVID-19 that there were no transmission events when a positive contact entered a child care centre on the NSW Central Coast and was infectious for two days. 

The centre had previously installed Hunter Technologies Air Treatment Systems to analyse the impact on COVID and other transmissible bugs.  On this specific occasion, all staff and children were tested initially and re-tested seven days later, and there were no transmission events. This event was attributed to having the right processes in place and the Hydroxyl Technology from the Hunter Technologies Air Treatment Systems. 

A Coast company is offering  a COVID solution - air unit

Robert Bateman, the Director of the child care centre – Little Miracles said; “We make sure we complete daily cleaning plus following all the recommended COVID-19 procedures and will continue to work to provide a clean environment where germs are extinguished using clean air technology such as the systems supplied by Hunter Technologies.” 

With units starting from $850+GST, it’s a reliable, cost-effective, whisper-quiet and power-efficient investment – using about the same amount of power as a 30-watt light bulb. 

“Owners of most of the facilities we are installing in at the moment have chosen our systems to provide the safest solution to mitigate their risk of infection in their venues and protect their staff, customers and others ultimately reducing the risk of down-time and community transmission,” added Carl. 

For more information visit: huntertechnologies.com.au to read about how A Coast company is offering  COVID solution.

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