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Chronicle Counsel: Common Event Planning Myths

Anyone who has worked on any sort of event will be able to tell you, it’s not all champagne and laughter!

In this post we look at dispelling some common Event Planning Myths and how the Chronicle can help with your next event!


  1. You’ll be able to kick back and enjoy the night – Unfortunately, the event itself is when you’ll most likely be run-off your feet and ensuring that everything is going to plan. It’s only until the event is well and truly done and dusted will you be able to put your feet up and relax.
  2. Everything will run smoothly – Mistakes happen, speeches run overtime, some people forget to ticket their dietary preferences, the bathrooms may run out of loo-paper. Our advice? Plan well in advance for any foreseeable issues. Ordering extra plates of food may come at a financial cost, but the happiness of your guests will be priceless. Extra loo-paper, let’s just say you can’t put a price on that one. Speeches running overtime – ensure each and every speaker has been briefed the day before the event on their allocated time and confirm this again on the day. Allow extra time on your run sheet. How can the Chronicle help your next event run smoothly? We have a database filled with event venues, videographers and corporate and social event planners, so they’ll ensure your event DOES run as smoothly as possible.
  3. All the guests will have a great time – Inveitably there will always be one or two people who don’t have a great time at your event. Use this feedback (even if it comes to you from another source) as constructive criticism and make your next event better with this knowledge.
  4. You won’t have another event that will clash with your own – You’ve done your budgeting and you’ve managed to create an event that fits within your financial bracket, you’ve sourced some great entertainment, the venue is perfect for the type of event, now you just need to ensure that everyone can come to your event. But hang-on, what’s that? There’s another major event that’s clashing with yours. (Insert expletive here). If only there was a way to see what else was going on. Oh wait! There is! That’s us, Central Coast Chronicle. You can see what events are coming up and ensure that your event won’t clash with anything else on the Coast.

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