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Chronicle Counsel: Event Planning 101

I thought it was time to share some event planning tips with our community and below you’ll find my TOP THREE elements to make your next event a success.

3. Use recommendations for suppliers /stall holders /creatives 

People LOVE sharing positive feedback, it’s just that we don’t do it enough, which is why as part of our membership database there’s the opportunity to leave feedback for each other. This comes in handy when looking for service providers. Ask around, you’ll be surpised who may know the exact person (or supplier) that you’re after

2. Have regular planning meetings

Urgh! Meetings. Yes, I hear you. But, event planning meetings are essential. They keep everyone on target to meet deadlines and hopefully within budget. Allow time within your meetings to allow everyone to update who they’ve met with, who they need to schedule meetings with and what they should achieve by the next meeting. Do this for everyone. It’ll keep everyone accountable for their own elements of the event.

1. Check the Calendar

Yes. So vital. You don’t want to be setting up on the day to realise that a competitor is running their event the same day as you.

How do you avoid such clashes? Join Central Coast Chronicle. We have a calendar FILLED with member events and so much more.

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And if you need event assistance, our sister business, Pursuit Communications can help with that!


Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash