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Chronicle Counsel: Gawndy & Maz’s Big Friday Takeaway

Gawndy & Maz’s Big Friday Takeaway

Hit 101.3’s Gawndy & Maz know how hard this lockdown has been for everyone on the Central Coast.


They know there are a lot of businesses that are doing it tough at the moment that are in some need of local support, and maybe you are just so over cooking too! (Not to mention the grocery shopping for all the ingredients, the cleaning up and then getting to do it *all over again* the next day!)


What’s the perfect solution to help small businesses and everyone who’s *OVER* cooking?


The solution is their BIG FRIDAY TAKEAWAY!!!


Yup, Gawndy & Maz’s Big Friday Takeaway is here to encourage you to treat yourself while supporting local with some takeaway each Friday from your favourite participating restaurants or cafes.


What cuisine would you pick for local take-away?


Chinese? (Honey Chicken – HELLO!!)

Japanese? (Sushi – yes please!)

American burgers? (Extra pickles and cheese please!)

Italian Pasta? (Can’t beat a good Spag Bol!)

Pizza? (Marinara with extra anchovies!)

Maybe a good British style roast? (Extra Spuds and gravy please!)

Thai? (Pad Thai please!)

Or perhaps just a good coffee and smashed avo on sourdough?

(All of this is making us very hungry!)


Whatever you choose, Hit 101.3 wants you to indulge.


How do you participate? Good question.


If you’re a local eatery, Visit this link to enter your details to become a participating business – it’s simple, fill in the form and you’re done! Extra brownie points if you send this link to your local cafe so they can enter their details.



If you’re looking to support local (and who isn’t right now?!), just head to one of the registered takeaway shops to pick up for food and scan the QR code while you’re there to win $100 to spend in store next Friday!


For a list of registered takeaway shops, head to hit.com.au and get ready to enjoy Gawndy & Maz’s Big Friday Takeaway.

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