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The New Instagram Algorithm has arrived!!

We’re looking at the new updates from Instagram and what this means for you.

There are five key areas to consider, these are: Interest, Timeliness, Relationship, Frequency & Following.

·       Interest – Think about that ‘explore’ page: once you like a video of a cute labrador puppy, your whole explore page will be filled with puppies! #YesPlease

Therefore, this is based on past behaviours and the more Instagram thinks you are going to ‘like’ this post the more it will appear in your feed.

·       Timeliness – Instagram has started to ‘prioritise’ posts, so you’re less likely to see posts from a week ago in your feed. They listened to the feedback from users regarding missing out on “time sensitive posts” and we think this is a step in the right direction.

·       Relationship – This is based around how often you comment on a person’s photos or are tagged in photos with them. This signals that you fall into their friends and family category. So you’ll see more photos from those people in your feed too.

·       Frequency – How often do you open and scroll through your feed? If you’re a frequent Instagram user, your feed will be more chronological and show the best posts on your last visit. So if you’re after a chronological feed then, check in every so often!

·       Following – If you follow a lot of people on Instagram, there are more options to choose from so, therefore, you may not see all the posts from every account. Remember to keep your following relevant to your account.

Any questions about Instagram or how to use it for your event, send us a message. We’d love to share some personalised tips with you!