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Chronicle Counsel: Long Weekend Event Planning Tips

The long weekend is upon us and it’s right in the middle of the school holidays.

Here we share some event planning tips to maximise your events over the long weekend.

Consider what “else” is going on over the long weekend. (TIP: Joining Central Coast Chronicle will give you a head-start) As an example, this long weekend, (Labor Day Weekend) the NRL Grand Final will be held on Sunday night.

You may want to theme activities in the lead-up to the NRL Grand Final at your place of business. Footy shaped cookies, anyone?

If you have the facilities, consider hosting a viewing party of the NRL Grand Final on a HUGE screen. Better still, partner with a local cinema to invite valued customers and service providers to watch the game.

Plan, plan, plan. I can’t stress this enough. Do your research, see what else is happening and make your event stand out. As a starting point; book your caterers in advance, ensure ticketing systems are all working and your photographer has a run-sheet of shots they need to get. (TIP: Subscribing to the Central Coast Chronicle emails will offer more gems  like this directly to your inbox!)

Finally, once the event is done and dusted, you’ve completed any reporting that needs to be done, make sure YOU get some time off. Working the long weekend can be rewarding, however, it is important to work to state /local government standards.

To see what’s happening on the Coast this long weekend, join Central Coast Chronicle now and view our calendar. 


Featured image: Photo by Johanna Dahlberg on Unsplash