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Chronicle Counsel: Our next guide – featuring YOU in 2022!

2022 the year of YOU

We’re working on our first feature for 2022 & would love more Coast businesses to be involved.

What’s the feature?

It’s all about making the most of the New Year

“2022 – The Year of You”


We’re calling it “2022 the year of YOU” It’s to help people with their resolutions and finding the solutions right here on the Coast.


These are just some of the things we’re looking for:


*Businesses that can help families and individuals clear the clutter and get ORGANISED! (House, Office, Community, Garden – if you can clear it up we want to share it with the Coast community!)

*Businesses that can help with vision boards and manifesting goals.

*Businesses that can help people find their “reading groove” and make 2022 the year they discover a new book or author!

*Businesses that can help people relax, find a moment of Zen – it may be yoga, pilates, or tools that help you focus on finding calm.

*Businesses that can help shift those COVID Kilos – fitness groups, sports clubs, walking groups – and everything in between.

*Businesses that can help get the financial goals sorted AND achieved!

*Businesses that can help individuals and couples transition through difficult phases – Everything from nutritional, legal, psychological, new parents and help with babies or birthing and beyond

*Businesses that can help organise that incredible event that needs to be celebrated in 2022! Caterers, Platter businesses, Make-up Artists Event Coordinators!

*Businesses that hold music, art and craft classes to hone your artistic skills or discover a new craft within


2022 the year of YOU



We need your material by close of business (5pm) 14th January 2022 (Unless otherwise notified)


What material do I need to submit? 

100-150 words on your 2022 offering and links to your business (we need both your website and social media pages please!)

One image – not your logo! This could be of your product or your service. 


What do I get?

We’ll promote your business in our “2022 – The year of  YOU” guide

You’ll also be included in our e-newsletter to members AND subscribers


We’ll also tag your business in an Instagram post and story!


Sounds great! How do I sign up? 

So, how do I sign up? Easy – Click HERE and choose the New Year option when signing up.

You’ll then receive an automatically generated email from us, with a reminder of what we need from you.


I look forward to helping promote your business in 2022 and making it “2022 the year of YOU”!