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Chronicle Counsel: RDACC Director Appointment

Regional Development Australia Central Coast (RDACC) has made a Director appointment.

The RDACC board has appointed Ms Christine Jarvis to the role of Director of Regional Projects, Funding & Research.  

The newly created role has been designed to support sustainable economic growth and expand future employment opportunities on the Central Coast, through the analysis of regional data and focus on attracting and delivering funded regional projects. 

RDACC Chair Lawrie McKinna says the appointment provides an additional connection between available funding and the community. 

“As well as assisting us to attract funding and investment to the Central Coast, Christine will be responsible for making sure everyone on the Coast, including business owners and community members, are aware of and have access to the grants available for different opportunities,” says Mr McKinna. 

“In this new role, Christine will provide a vital link between making sure any grant money is  available and accessible to the people of the Central Coast.” 

RDACC CEO and Director Regional Development John Mouland says Ms Jarvis’ history and experience in facilitating regional collaboration lends itself perfectly to the requirements of the role. 

“Christine is the perfect candidate for this position, given her breadth of experience in working with a range of Central Coast stakeholders and facilitating collaboration at all levels of government,” says Mr Mouland. 

“Most recently, Christine initiated the Central Coast Economic Taskforce, bringing together government representatives, community and industry leaders, and helping to break down traditional silos to achieve a shared vision for the Central Coast. 

“She collaborated to launch the Central Coast Bigger Backyard initiative, involving 600  businesses and creating a projected economic impact of $91M, as well as facilitating our region’s first Virtual Trade Expo, connecting over 80 local businesses to trade during last year’s COVID-19 lockdown.  

“Christine also played a pivotal role in attracting funding for the Terrigal boardwalk. Her  impressive track record in delivering real solutions to support our local economy and grow  regional prosperity make her an invaluable asset for RDACC and the people of the Central  Coast.”

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