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Chronicle Counsel: Small Business – Pursuit Communications

Over the month of September, we have been highlighting various issues relating to small businesses.

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Here is Pursuit Communications, the Founder Brooke Simmons (who also happens to be the Founder of Central Coast Chronicle) explains the business, how the business stands out in a highly competitive market and shares her favourite “small business appropriate” app and more!

Tell us about Pursuit Communications…

Pursuit Communications is a full-service Public Relations, Social Media and Influencer agency. We’ve been operating on the Coast for over 11 years now. During this time, we’ve had the opportunity to work on campaigns for businesses of all sizes, start-ups, medium-sized businesses and large multi-national businesses.

How does Pursuit stand out in a competitive space?

From day one I wanted to ensure that our clients knew that we offer public relations and social media services, that fit within their budget. One of our core values is that we don’t offer a cookie-cutter approach to servicing our clients. What may work for one client, may not for another. It’s about understanding our client’s needs, goals and budget and working within those parameters.

Ultimately, we stand out through our results and delivering beyond the expectations of our clients.

Brooke Simmons Founder of Pursuit Communications and Central Coast Chronicle

Brooke Simmons, Founder of Pursuit Communications


Can you share one tip for those starting a small business?

Only one tip to offer? Seesh! It would have to be – “Be realistic with your time and goals”. Now that I run two businesses (both Pursuit Communications and Central Coast Chronicle) my time is so valuable to even more clients. As part of being realistic, make sure you manage your time properly, allow yourself downtime and set start and finish times. I recently shared a series of quotes and comments from Arianna Huffington on Pursuit’s Instagram page and one quote that really stuck with me was “be comfortable with incompletion”. It means that you’ve got something to start on tomorrow. A rushed or half-baked job will reflect that. Spend time on the project it deserves.

How about your favourite “small business appropriate” app, what would that be?

My all-time favourite “small business” appropriate app would have to be Canva. If I’m having a coffee, or have a quick moment, I’ll create a template for an Instagram or Facebook post. It’s just fabulous for creating content that really stands out. Plus I can continue what I’ve started on my iPhone on the desktop.

Finally, you’ve offered to share an offer with the readers of the blog and members of Central Coast Chronicle, what’s your offer?

Over the month of September, Pursuit Communications will be offering a NEW discounted service each week. Be sure to visit the dedicated page each week to see the new offering.