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Three things that make a great event

Howdy, welcome to another Chronicle Counsel. This post has three absolute nuggets about event planning and how to take your next event from “great” to “unbelievable”!

We’ve all been to events where there was room for improvement, and lets face it, events can be as subjective as art! Here are three tips to consider when planning your next event.

  1. Plan in advance – If you haven’t already, subscribe to our service, by doing so, you’ll avoid the dramas of clashing with a competitor. Do your research when it comes to the date and time. Ask potential guests what time they would prefer!
  2. With our calendar service and your guest feedback, now’s the time to consider how you’re going to promote it (if this is required!), use our PR platform for your media release to be seen by leading media contacts. If no one knows it’s happening, what’s the point of an event? Make some noise!
  3.  Superb suppliers can make all the difference! For example, there’s nothing worse than hiring someone to take photos and when you see the proofs, the images are of one particular group of people. Be specific with your suppliers, better still, use our supplier contact option and we’ll help you connect with our members.

Until next time!