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Chronicle Counsel: Tips from Event expert Brooke Simmons

Event expert Brooke Simmons, from Pursuit Communications has shared her top five event tips to ensure your next function is fabulous!


5. Check your date out! – Make sure there are no diary clashes with similar events. There’s no need to scourer the internet, register on Central Coast Chronicle and add your event – the Chronicle has a “one-off event” option for those businesses who want to list their event, and you’re on your way!

Once your event is listed, they then promote it ACROSS THE COAST!

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4. Can you hear me?? – Check your audiovisual equipment well in advance. There’s nothing worse than a microphone that doesn’t work or a screen that’s displaying the wrong vision. Make sure you have backup power supplies (like a battery pack) for your phone for social media content!

3. Oooh, goody!! – Do you really need goody-bags? Sure they’re great to receive. However, they take a long time to fill, and you don’t want them stuffed with “filler”. As an event expert, it’s a question I’m constantly asked – “What should we put in a goody bag?” There’s nothing WORSE than a bag stuffed with promotional product plastered with logos. Hot tip: Make the contents relevant if you must have a goody-bag. As the classic saying goes, “less is more” – if you can get a couple of high-value items, this will be better.


2. Who’s that girl? – Keep it relevant to your event, don’t invite everyone; even if you have a limitless budget (lucky you!), you want synergy between your guests! You want your guests to feel comfortable with who else is in attendance. Make sure you also keep your guest list within COVID safe regulations.


1. Two little words.. – Make sure you send thank you notes to everyone after the event, those who helped and those who attended. It’ll go a long way to making your next event more successful than the one you’ve just finished! Bonus points if you handwrite them. Tip: I love creating personalised cards on Canva. 


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