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Coast business brings the WOW factor


One Coast business brings the WOW factor to Mingara. That business? Display Power. 

If you’ve been to Mingara recently, you would have seen the eye-catching “Car and Cash” display with the effervescent yellow MG up for grabs!

The competition runs every Wednesday and Sunday at Mingara. This exciting promotion is open to all Mingara members.

The display highlights the car prize with its dynamic lighting, reflective letters and interactive component with the spin-wheel for competition use.

Displaying a high value prize can often be difficult, because you don’t want the display to overshadow the prize itself, however it does need to draw people in to interact with the competition and enter.

You also don’t want people to “miss” the display because it’s underwhelming it needs to have that WOW FACTOR. That’s where the team at Display Power come in. They’ll work with you to create a display that suits your space requirements, colour scheme and budget to do more than display your product or service – it’ll STAND OUT.

The location and placement of featured product (or prize in this case) is critical. Using flags out the front or a simple sign wouldn’t suffice, especially given the dynamic colour of the car!

A custom display also allows you to be as creative as you want with your display. By using pre-made displays, you often lose the interest of passing foot-traffic /interested participants.

A display for new product (or competition in this instance) is also a great opportunity to have staff on hand sharing other additional information about your product /service or competition. Plus the staff can answer any questions or provide assistance as is required.

The next time you’re launching a new product, have a competition to run or perhaps you’re looking to showcase something else, get in touch with the team at Display Power. Their creativity knows no bounds and they’ll be sure to deliver a product that exceeds your expectations.

They definitely are a Coast business brings the WOW factor.