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Display Power Lights Up the TJM Showroom

Display Power Lights Up the TJM Showroom

Display Power has flexed its creative muscle once again, this time by crafting incredible signage for the TJM showroom located in Wyoming, NSW. Their expertise in design and installation is on full display, resulting in eye-catching visuals that are guaranteed to stop customers in their tracks.

The secret to this success lies in a strategic blend of bold design and colour choices. Display Power employed a high-contrast approach, featuring prominent black backgrounds emblazoned with striking yellow lettering. This color combination is a masterclass in brand emphasis, ensuring that the iconic TJM logo takes center stage and leaves a lasting impression.

This project perfectly exemplifies the power of contrasting colors in signage. When used effectively, they can elevate a brand’s presence and create a visually compelling experience for potential customers. But Display Power’s talents extend far beyond colour theory.

Their team is adept at handling signage projects of all shapes and sizes, regardless of location. No matter what your business needs are, Display Power possesses the skillset and cutting-edge machinery to turn your signage dreams into a reality.

TJM: Equipped to Take You Further

For those unfamiliar with TJM, they’re a one-stop shop for all things 4×4. Their showrooms, like the one in Wyoming,are havens for off-road enthusiasts seeking to outfit their vehicles for adventure. Here’s a quick rundown of the services they offer:

  • 4×4 Fitouts: TJM distributors boast fully-equipped workshops staffed by experienced professionals who can transform your 4×4 into a conquer-anything machine. From bull bars and winches to side steps and canopies, they have everything you need, and their technicians can expertly install it all.

  • Suspension and GVM Upgrades: TJM understands that a capable suspension system is vital for off-road prowess. Their staff can assess your specific needs and vehicle to recommend the perfect suspension solution,enhancing your ride comfort, handling, and load-carrying capacity.

  • Communication Installations: Staying connected in remote areas is paramount for safety. TJM can install the right antennas and UHF radios in your vehicle, ensuring you have the ability to communicate with others and seek help if needed.

  • Dual Battery System Setups: Power your camping essentials or various 12V appliances with ease by installing a dual battery system from TJM. Their team will recommend the ideal setup for your needs and expertly handle the installation, giving you the peace of mind to explore further.

  • Pre-trip Inspections: A well-prepared vehicle is key to a successful off-road adventure. TJM’s expert staff can meticulously inspect your 4×4 before you embark on your journey, identifying any potential issues and ensuring you have a smooth and safe trip.

So, if you’re in the Wyoming area and looking to transform your 4×4 into an off-road beast, head down to the TJM showroom. And while you’re there, take a moment to appreciate the stunning signage – a testament to Display Power’s remarkable design and installation capabilities.


Display Power Lights Up the TJM Showroom