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Getting into the games spirit with Kwik Kopy

Getting into the games spirit with Kwik Kopy

Kwik Kopy: Get Your Central Coast Business Ready to Cheer on the Aussie Olympians!

The 2024 PARIS Olympics  are just around the corner, and the excitement is already building! Here on the NSW Central Coast, we’re particularly pumped to support our amazing Aussie athletes as they chase gold.

But it’s not just about watching from the couch. This is your chance to showcase your local pride and capitalize on the Olympic spirit with eye-catching signage from Kwik Kopy.

Here are some creative ways to use signage to cheer on the Australian team:

  • Go Green and Gold: The classic! Decorate your store windows or storefront with green and gold  banners,or window clings. You can even get creative and include inspirational messages for the athletes.

  • Window Decals with Fun Facts: Educate and entertain your customers with window decals featuring fun facts about the Olympics or trivia about the different sports. Include details about the number of medals Australia has won historically or the origins of the Olympic Games. Why not include a current Olympic tally count – great for sorting companies and trophy companies or any one wanting to cheer on our Aussies!

  • Promotional Offers: Combine your Olympic spirit with some enticing deals and decals! Offer discounts or special packages for customers who wear green and gold or mention a specific Olympic sport. Make sure you have the signage to promote this – and Kwik Kopy is the place to get your message out there!


Click here to preview some of their product range, or speak to Peter and the team at Kwik Kopy Gosford they’ll be able to assist with your design needs!




Getting into the games spirit with Kwik Kopy