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Gosford RSL ANZAC DAY 2022 – Change of location

Gosford RSL ANZAC DAY 2022 change of location information.

Due to weather and to ensure the safety of all attendees, the 2022 ANZAC DAY Services will be held at Kibble Park.  

If you’re in need of transportation From Gosford RSL to Kibble Park, Gosford RSL has you covered – see the image at the end of the post for all the details.

The Gosford RSL Sub Branch ANZAC DAY Service on Monday, 25th April 2022  will follow this schedule:

ANZAC Day change of location for Gosford RSL


5.45am  Assemble near Gosford Police Station

5.46am  March off to Kibble Park

6.00am   Dawn Service to commence

Breakfast will be available to attendees of the Dawn Service from 6.15am until 7.30am.

Breakfast tickets will be available for a gold coin donation, on arrival at Gosford RSL Club. The service of breakfast will continue until all attendees have been served.




10.00am   Assemble at Gosford Police Station

10.15am  Fall In

10.30am  March along Mann Street

11.00am  Service at Kibble Park


The courtesy coach departs Kibble Park for Gosford RSL Club at the completion of the Main Service for attendees of the March. Bookings are essential at Gosford RSL Club Reception.  4323 2311




Courtesy Coach Services – Dawn Service 

5.30am  Depart from Gosford RSL Club foyer to Kibble Park

6.15am    Return from Kibble Park to Club

Courtesy Coach Services – Main March

9.00am   Depart from Gosford RSL Club foyer to Kibble Park

11.30am   Return from Kibble Park to Club




ANZAC Day, the 25th of April each year, is the day Australia commemorates with services and marches in cities and towns and throughout the world where servicemen, servicewomen and peacekeepers are stationed, to remember all those who lost their lives in service to their country, in all wars.

The date of the landing at ANZAC, the 25th April was chosen to be the day that would become our national day of commemoration.

Initially, ANZAC day was a mark of respect for those who served and sacrificed their lives in the Great War for Civilisation, the war as many hoped, to end all wars.

However, because of the vicissitudes of man, the date has become the day on which the nation remembers those who served and those who made the ultimate sacrifice in all the conflicts that Australia has participated up to the present day in the continuing struggle to preserve our freedoms in the attempt to rid the world of tyranny.



Visit our events page for the latest information regarding the Gosford RSL ANZAC DAY 2022 change of location and other local events.