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Gosford RSL unveils outside of new building

Gosford RSL unveils outside of new building

The unveiling of the external of  Gosford RSL Club marks a significant milestone in the region’s development, as the builders complete the removal of the scaffolding that has shrouded the building since construction began. This unveiling reveals a striking structure intentionally designed to convey an image of modernity, prosperity, and excitement – a fitting reflection of the region as the ‘gateway to Gosford & the Central Coast.’

One notable achievement is the removal of the iconic yellow crane in November, signalling the project’s advanced stage. With the crane gone, attention now turns to finalising key elements such as the elevator shaft, the installation of the lift connecting various floors, and the completion of outdoor areas, such as the enclosed south-west space.

The bustling construction site, with over 100 individuals daily, is witnessing rapid progress in kitchens, bars, and service areas.

Stainless steel and state-of-the-art appliances are ready to be deployed, while the louvres enclosing the outdoor area add the finishing touch to the building’s facade.

The foyer showcases impressive features, including a circular staircase and 15m high faceted windows facing Yallambee Avenue. This architectural marvel will link all three floors via an open foyer, with criss-crossing escalators creating a visually stunning space.

The Conference and Events Centre is shaping up, with operable wall tracks, a ready-to-fit-out bar, tiled bathrooms, and finalisation of services. Meanwhile, the Sports Bar and Snooker Room are progressing well, promising appealing spaces for sports enthusiasts.

A monumental moment arrived with the delivery of brewery equipment in three 40ft containers. The complex unloading process, involving brewhouse, fermentation vats, bright tanks, and kegs, sets the stage for installation later this month on the second floor – a testament to the club’s commitment to offering diverse and high-quality amenities.

As the festive season approaches, it’s a time to express gratitude to the project delivery team, including North Construction and Building, WMK Architecture, The APP Group, and the dedicated staff, contractors, and volunteers. Their collective efforts have been instrumental in steering the Gosford RSL Club towards its transformation into a vibrant symbol of progress and community pride.

Gosford RSL unveils outside of new building