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Gosford RSL Development Update + Food truck news

Gosford RSL Development Update – December has been a really exciting month on the construction site of our Gosford RSL.


Finally the builders have had a clear run with a few weeks of good weather and the progress has been outstanding.  A team of Club representatives went for a walk through the site recently and the Club can really see the building starting to take shape.

Most of the ground floor slabs have now been poured as well as the fire stairs and lift wells for the first floor.  The main focus at the moment is the formwork for the first floor slab with the team from North Construction & Building hoping to get that first floor slab poured before Christmas!


The past month hasn’t been completely without challenges as Gosford RSL encountered a problem with clearance distances from the Sydney Trains power lines that run along the Highway.

With a lot of hard work from GRSL’s Architects (WMK), project Managers (APP) and North Construction & Building we were able to resolve the issues in good time.

Thanks must also go to Central Coast Council, who were very supportive and cooperative in helping us resolve the issue.  GRSL members can have a lot of confidence knowing that, with this hard-working and talented team on the job, the new Club is going to be delivered to an exceptional standard.


– Russell Cooper, CEO, Gosford RSL Club


On the food truck front… Gosford RSL has shared this as part of their Gosford RSL Development Update:


Unfortunately, Gosford RSL have taken the very hard decision to close the Food Truck.

The food truck was opened during COVID lockdowns as a way for the club to continue engaging with, and offering a service to our patrons who couldn’t enter the Club.

All the staff working in the Food Truck have done an outstanding job and its popularity even after the Club reopened is what kept it going.

Thank you all for your great work!!

Now, with the new location, significantly decreasing revenue and trouble keeping it staffed, the Board and Management have had to make to extremely difficult and sad decision to close the Food Truck.

The BBQ Food Truck’s day of trading will be 16 December 2022.

GRSL food truck