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Gosford RSL wins gold

Gosford RSL wins gold – Gosford RSL is exceptionally proud to announce their brewery Oak Haven has just been awarded 2 gold and 2 bronze medals in the 2023 Australian International Beer Awards. The Awards are the largest annual beer competition in the world, judging both draught and packaged beer.

Oak Haven took home the gold for Sly Grog (Pale Ale) and Rusty Sail (Mid), as well as the bronze for Dr Paul’s Pils (Pale Ale) and Bolthole (Porter-style Dark Ale).

The Oak Haven Brewery is located in West Gosford. It continues to develop different beers available on tap for local members. The ales are crafted by their expert brewer Steve Morenos, with 13 years of experience brewing American, British, European and Belgian beers. The brewery boasts state-of-the-art equipment, uses fresh local produce where possible, has no preservatives or artificial ingredients, supports farmers using ethical & environmentally sustainable practices and utilises the world’s best high-purity hops.

In naming the brewery and beer brands, significant consideration has been given to pay tribute to the history of Gosford RSL.

Oak Haven Brewery’s first pale ale has been named ‘Sly Grog’ in memory of the initial members who were a little cheeky and ‘sly’ in exchanging coupons for alcohol in the basement to ensure no alcohol was technically being sold.
Brisbane Water was famous for its shipwrights from the 1820s to the 1950s. The surrounding hills provided the hardwoods, demand for quality vessels grew, the old hands mentored the newcomers, and family businesses flourished, producing all manner of ketches, schooners, ferries, launches, barges and pearlers…… Rusty Sail is named in honour of this proud heritage. Some locals say they still hear the rusty old rigging of the ghost ships plying these waters on a dark, windy night.

Dr James Paul owned the land which housed the original home of Gosford RSL Club and the Anglican church. As a man of the highest morals and concerned for the health of the returned servicemen, Dr Paul decreed that “no intoxicating liquor would be sold” on that premises. As we know, our crafty forefathers found a way around that… However, Gosford RSL Club owes an outstanding debt to the generosity of Dr Paul for allowing the use of his property, so we feel it’s only fitting to immortalise his name with a lower-alcohol beer which we’re sure he’d approve of – Dr Paul’s Pils!

Gosford RSL wins GOLD

‘The Bolthole’ Oak Haven Brewery’s first dark ale has been named to capture the essence of the basement bar in the original Gosford RSL premises.  In the early days, the bar was nothing more than a basement full of beer. And at best times, even the beer was difficult to find to say nothing for being served illegally.

Gosford RSL is very proud of the Oak Haven range and is committed to providing its members with the finest locally brewed beers on tap at Gosford RSL.


Congratulations to Gosford RSL we’re proud that Gosford RSL wins gold!