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All your FAQ regarding membership to Central Coast Chronicle and how to use our website.

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If you need help with Central Coast Chronicle, have a read below to see if your question may be answered below.

How do I get access to the site?

To gain access go to Join > Membership & Registration to choose your membership package and setup your account.

I’m having issues logging in

Click on the sign-out button, under the sign-in tab. Then try logging in again. If you’re still having issues please email brooke@centralcoastchronicle.com.au

I’ve forgotten my password - How can I get a new one?

Click on the Sign in button and press the button next to request password. Enter the email address associated with your account and we’ll email a new password to you.

How do I edit my membership details?

Sign in with your account details and click members, then select “my account” and select “profile”, then edit the appropriate areas.

I don’t want my address to be shown

That’s perfectly fine. While we do require your address for billing purposes, you can choose to not list your address in our member database. Sign in with your account details and click members, then select “my account”, then “profile” select the radio button (round dot) next to “Do not show address in profile”.

How do I modify my event?

After logging in, click on your event and then click on Event Set-Up – from here you’ll be able to edit your event. Should you have issues – email brooke@centralcoastchronicle.com.au with “Event listing” in the subject and we’ll amend your event as is required.

If you’ve listed an event as tentative and want to change to confirmed, simply email brooke@centralcoastchronicle, we’ll make the changes in the back end, and you’ll be able to add any additional detail you require.

What's the VIP calendar?

This is for our MEMBERS only.
Exclusive advance notice or limited attendance events!

Can I submit news about an event or exclusive offer to members of Central Coast Chronicle?

Yes, email us via the contact page and we’ll discuss the best options for your business.

How can I change an offer?

Select “Members” then select “My Account” then select “Deal” and edit from there.

How can I see other members of Central Coast Chronicle?

Select “members” then select “Member Directory”, you’ll then see a list of all the businesses listed on Central Coast Chronicle

How can I read the latest blog posts?

From the main menu select “News” you’ll then see a chronological list of blog posts.

How do I reset my password?

Once you’ve signed in, click on”members” then “my account”, next to password you’ll see the option to change it.

How do I change /renew my membership level?

Once you’ve signed in, click on”members” then “my account”, then scroll down to your membership level and click on the Renew, Upgrade or Update Billing button.

I've received a renewal notice - what do I do?

Remember your first 14 days are free, On day “1” (or 15 if you will) you’ll receive a notification that the level of membership you signed up for has been charged to your chosen credit card. If you’d like to
change your level of membership, see the above point.

How do I view the calendar?

On the homepage of the Central Coast Chronicle there is a tab labelled ‘Events’ along the top. Clicking on this tab a drop down menu will appear with the calendar displayed at the top. Keeping in mind a membership is needed to view this and making sure you’re signed in.

How do I add an event?

From either your event calendar or event list, click on the “Add Event” button at the top under the drop down menu which will take you to the new event setup.

From here you can enter the event title, choose the color the event will be on your calendar, add in the start and end times, location and address.

To add in a picture click in the box below address where it says “Click here to upload an image for your event”. If using Chrome or Firefox, you can also drag a picture file from your desktop into the box to upload the picture.

You can adjust the background/text color of the title as it is overlaid on the picture through the option found under the Event title box.

The text box on the bottom is where you can enter in a description of the event and provide event details.

Can I add more team members?

Yes you can! Remember you only have one log-in but under the one log-in you can add different staff members. To do so, sign in with your account details and click “members”, then select “my account” and select “additional” remember the additional member must have a unique email address (it must not be a shared email address)

How can I be member of the month?

Simply email brooke@centralcoastchronicle.com.au with “Member of Month Request” in the subject and details of your business and we’ll be in touch.

Can I edit a recommendation written about me?

If you email, brooke@centralcoastchronicle.com.au with “Recommendation Edit” in the subject and the details of the recommendation and what you believe to be incorrect, we will mediate between the two parties involved to achieve a mutually beneficial conclusion.

I’d like to cancel my membership
We’re sorry to hear that. We refer you to our Terms and Conditions document
before you email brooke@centralcoastchronicle.com.au with “Cancel Membership” in the
subject and details. We’ll then be in touch with you as soon as possible.
I'd like a refund please

We refer you to our Terms and Conditions document before you email brooke@centralcoastchronicle.com.au with “Refund” in the subject line.