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Local Business Love

The Central Coast Chronicle is thrilled to extend its heartfelt appreciation (and show some Local Business Love) to the local businesses that generously contributed towards the $1.5K worth of prizes for the Railway Hotel’s Melbourne Cup Fashions on the Field event.

The Central Coast community has always been a strong supporter of local events, and this collaboration through Central Coast Chronicle exemplifies the spirit of unity and support that makes our region so special. In this blog post, we’re shining a spotlight on these local businesses that went above and beyond to make the event a success.

Rocky Art Co

Rocky Art Co is a small but mighty Central Coast business specializing in personalized items. They are the go-to place for adding a touch of magic to your special events, be it weddings, birthdays, christenings, baby showers, and more. Their creative and custom signage and personalized items have the power to turn your event dreams into reality. To explore their offerings and support this local gem, visit their Instagram page: Rocky Art Co Instagram.

Brim Shady Hat Co

At our workshop, we take pride in creating high-quality and unique hats for our customers. Each one of our hats is made by hand with great attention to detail, ensuring that every stitch and every cut is precise and perfect. We believe that a hat is not just an accessory, but an extension of one’s personality, which is why we strive to create hats that reflect the unique style and character of each individual. Visit their Instagram.

Oldfield Cellars

Oldfield Cellars is not just a store; it’s an experience. Nestled in the heart of the Central Coast, Oldfield Cellars is your gateway to a world of extraordinary flavors. They offer a wide array of wines, craft beers, and specialty spirits that will excite your palate. The store’s knowledgeable staff is passionate about craft beverages, making your visit not just a shopping trip but a guided journey into the world of distinctive drinks. For those who appreciate exceptional beverages, this is your destination. Explore their selection and elevate your drinking experience. Cheers to The Oldfields Team! Visit them on Facebook

Fitted By Janine Hunter

Janine Hunter is Central Coast’s trusted Bra Fitter with Intimo, and she’s on a mission to redefine your confidence and comfort. The right bra and underwear can transform your day, and Janine’s expertise can help you find the perfect fit for your unique body. Shockingly, 80% of women don’t know their correct bra size, but Janine is here to change that statistic. When you’re comfortable and confident in your undergarments, it radiates into your daily life, boosting self-esteem and making you feel incredible in your own skin. Don’t compromise on comfort, fit, or style. Janine Hunter is your Central Coast go-to for the best bra fitting experience. Book your fitting today and let Janine empower you with the perfect fit for your individual needs. Visit her on Facebook and Instagram.

Coastal Athleisure

Coastal Athleisure, an online athleisure and activewear boutique located at Gorokan, is a true local success story. Founded by Nikki, a mom of three, Coastal Athleisure offers affordable and comfortable activewear for women of all ages. The brand, Hustle Certified, was born out of frustration with expensive activewear that didn’t last. Nikki’s activewear is not only affordable but also durable and comfortable, making it a favorite among locals. She also owns The Coastal Printing Co, utilizing direct to film (DTF) printing technology to create custom clothing designs for businesses, events, and more. If you need printing for your business or are interested in becoming a stockist, Nikki is your go-to. Support this fantastic local business and explore their offerings. Visit their website and Instagram

Bohemian Traders

Bohemian Traders is an Australian fashion brand that blends classic silhouettes with fashion-forward details and vibrant colors. We provide size-inclusive fashion for modern women while promoting sustainability. Each collection celebrates the world we live in with bold prints and artisan pieces. Visit their website

Menopause Tea

A certified organic caffeine-free herbal tea for Menopause. A community affair from tea makers to tea packers. (Women leaving domestic violence, homeless, disabled) Visit their Instagram

Central Coast Cannoli

Our family migrated from Taormina, Sicily in the 1960s and since then, Australia has been our home. Throughout the years, we have worked persistently to maintain and preserve our Italian traditions which is reflected in the food that we prepare in our kitchens. Kathy, our head cook, has dedicated herself to recreating the authentic Sicilian flavors in our range of cannoli. A single bite of these delicacies will transport you to the serene shores of Sicily, and we challenge you to resist the urge to smile while indulging in them. Visit their shop and Instagram 

Zaa Candles

Riann founded Zaa Candles in 2020, while heavily pregnant with her third child, she felt a strong desire to showcase her creativity and dedication to crafting high-quality handmade products. This led her to establish “Zaa Candles”, which she named after her beloved children, Zara, Ace, and Ari. You can view her stunning collection online or via Instagram.

Soul Vodka

Soul Vodka is an award-winning, small batch vodka made in Australia. As a small business, they take pride in using sustainable practices. They source all our ingredients locally and use glass made from recycled materials for bottling their vodka. Moreover, during the distilling process, they reuse all cooling water in the closed circuit chilling system. Their vodka is proudly made from scratch on the NSW Central Coast, and they offer free shipping across Australia. 🇦🇺 Visit them online (must be 18+) or Instagram



Central Coast Chronicle is immensely grateful to these local businesses for their generosity and support towards the Railway Hotel’s Melbourne Cup Fashions on the Field event. These businesses exemplify the spirit of community and collaboration that makes the Central Coast such a vibrant and thriving place. We encourage everyone to explore these businesses, show your support, and discover the remarkable products and services they offer. In times like these, it’s the local businesses that truly make our community shine. Thank you to Bohemian Traders, Rocky Art Co, Oldfield Cellars, Fitted By Janine Hunter, Coastal Athleisure, Menopause Tea, Central Coast Cannoli, Zaa Candles, Soul Vodka and Brim Shady  for your outstanding contributions!

Please make sure you show these businesses some Local Business Love.