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Love on track at Railway Hotel

LOVE on track at Railway Hotel

Indulge in love and flavour this Valentine’s Day with the Railway Hotel’s irresistible specials.

First on the menu is the Meat Feast Share Platter for Two, a carnivorous delight featuring a succulent 300g Rump Steak, Wagyu Sausages, Chargrilled Chicken, and Sticky Pork Ribs.

Customise your feast with three sides and two sauces of your choice for an exquisite experience priced at $150.

For those seeking a surf-and-turf adventure, the Surf & Turf Share Platter is a divine option. Revel in a 300g Rump Steak accompanied by Barramundi, King Prawns, and more. This seafood-infused masterpiece, also priced at $150, allows you to choose three sides and two sauces to elevate your dining experience.

Consider upgrading your platter for an even more lavish celebration. Elevate your Valentine’s Day with Railway Hotel’s delectable offerings, a symphony of flavors that promises to make your romantic evening truly unforgettable.









We couldn’t let the day pass without an ode to Railway Hotel…

In the heart of love, where passions bloom, A Railway Hotel, a sweet perfume. Valentine’s whispers in the air, As couples dance with a tender flair.

Meat Feast Share, a symphony of taste, A platter for two, love’s feast embraced. Rump Steak and sausages, a savory delight, Sticky ribs, chargrilled in the night.

Or choose Surf & Turf, a majestic pair, Rump Steak, Barramundi, love in the air. King Prawns dance in the moonlight’s gleam, A celebration, a culinary dream.

At Railway Hotel, love finds its way, Valentine’s specials in a grand display. Savor the flavors, let romance ignite, In each bite, love takes its flight.

Upgrade your platter, let passion unfold, As tales of love in the menu are told. Railway Hotel, where hearts entwine, Valentine’s magic, a love so fine.

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LOVE on track at Railway Hotel