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NYE on the Coast 2023-2024 – Be Included




NYE on the Coast 2023-2024 – Be Included

With holiday-makers destined to make their way to our beautiful Central Coast and locals deciding what to do, it’s a great opportunity for some exposure for your New Year’s event.

Listing your New Year’s Eve event on Central Coast Chronicle’s New Year’s guide offers a unique opportunity to significantly boost your event’s visibility and attendance.

With our extensive reach and engaged audience, comprising 4,000 followers on Instagram and 2,000 on Facebook, your event will benefit from targeted promotion to a diverse and enthusiastic community.

The Central Coast Chronicle’s New Year’s guide serves as a go-to resource for locals and visitors seeking exciting celebrations in the area, providing your event with increased exposure and the potential to attract a broader audience.

Our active social media channels further amplify the promotional impact, ensuring that your event stands out in the crowded New Year’s landscape. By leveraging our established online presence, your business not only gains access to a wider audience but also establishes a connection with individuals actively seeking memorable experiences for their New Year’s celebrations.

So, if you’re hosting an event or offering a service that’s going to help Coasties usher in 2024 in style,ūü•ā then we want to promote it!

What do you get?

Inclusion in our 2023-2024 NYE Guide

1 X Instagram story +Link to your event /website (4K followers)

1 X Facebook Post +Link to the NYE guide on the Chronicle (2K followers)

Plus inclusion in our members AND subscribers e-newsletter over 500 subscribers and growing!


All of this for a $30+GST investment!

What do we need? We’ll need your Event / Service¬†details including:

Ticket /Event RRP
Purchasing details (where people can purchase, links, purchasing limits, etc)
Unique selling point (what makes your event /product  different from the others?!)
Start /Finish times
Any inclusions
Links to refund /exchange policies


Images: Please also send us TWO high resolution (good quality) images for us to use on Instagram and Facebook AND your logo!

NOTE: You can email these details or submit them through the registration process – whatever is easiest for you!


**STRICT DEADLINE: 5PM December 12th 2023.** 

To register – for our New Year’s guide, CLICK HERE¬†and choose the New Year’s Event Listing¬†feature, under “Choose your membership”.

(Alternatively, we can issue a direct invoice. Click here to email us)


NYE on the Coast 2023-2024 – Be Included