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Opposition Leader’s visit to the Coast

Opposition Leader’s visit to the Coast

Member for Terrigal, Adam Crouch, has described the two-day visit by the Leader of the Opposition, Mark Speakman, as a huge success.

The visit included a community cabinet session with dozens of Central Coast community stakeholders, as well as visits to local businesses and community organisations. It also marked the first Shadow Cabinet meeting on the Central Coast. “The visit with the Leader of the Opposition has been an absolute resounding success, with the first Shadow Cabinet meeting reinforcing the NSW Liberal’s rock-solid commitment to the Central Coast,” said Mr Crouch.

During the visit, Mr Speakman and Mr Crouch visited the Central Coast Aero Club and learned about future growth opportunities of aviation on the Central Coast. They also visited community organisations and local businesses like Coast Shelter and Hawkesbury Brewing Co., where they saw firsthand the benefits provided by the Regional Job Creation Fund on the Central Coast.

Mr Crouch emphasised the importance of showcasing the social and employment benefits that local organisations and businesses provide to the Central Coast. “These businesses and community organisations play a vital role on the Central Coast to improve our region for the better, but it works best when we have a strong government with a focus on the Central Coast, which is not the case with the Minns Labor Government,” he said.

Following the visit, Mr Speakman said that the Central Coast is a critical regional growth area and deserves better recognition and focus than it’s currently getting from the Minns Labor Government. “Speaking to the local community, the key issues that kept coming up were the impact of the Labor cost of living crisis on families and seniors, housing affordability, and road improvement,” he said.

“It was clear from our conversations that the Minns Government is failing to deliver the necessary cost of living support and infrastructure funding that funding has just gone backwards. The NSW Liberals have Coasties’ back, and we’ll hold this government to account and fight for the services and infrastructure that Coasties deserve.”

Opposition Leader’s visit to the Coast


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