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Pets in the Office: Wags, Not Woes, for a Happier Workplace

Pets in the Office: Wags, Not Woes, for a Happier Workplace

Ever dreamt of bringing your furry friend to work? Well, you’re not alone. As Take Your Dog to Work Day will be held TOMORROW- June 21st, Australia CAN’s Pets in Business program is here to help businesses create a pet-friendly haven for their employees.

According to Trish Ennis, CEO of Australia CAN, “pets are an integral part of our lives.” With the rise of hybrid work models, it’s no surprise employees want their canine companions by their side, even at the office. Studies show pet-friendly companies enjoy a boost in employee attraction, engagement, and retention.*

The Science Behind the Smiles

The benefits of furry coworkers go beyond cuddles and lunchtime walks. Research suggests pets in the office can:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety with their calming presence.*
  • Improve productivity and collaboration by fostering a more relaxed atmosphere.*
  • Boost employee morale and satisfaction, leading to a happier workplace.*

Making the Transition Smooth

While the idea of a dog-filled office might sound delightful, careful planning is key. Maz Compton, breakfast presenter on Triple M Central Coast, shared his experience with a pet-friendly workplace: “We encourage our staff to bring their dogs in any day of the week.”

However, Ms. Ennis cautions that not every workplace is suited for pets. Warehouses and areas with high-risk machinery pose safety concerns, and certain animals, like snakes, require specialized care.

Creating a Win-Win Situation

CANA’s Pets in Business program offers free resources like pet resumes, pet-friendly zone signs, and even an office pet roster to help businesses navigate the transition. Additionally, for a donation, businesses can get a branded Pets in Business kit with customized rules that cater to everyone’s needs.

The Final Wag

As some companies struggle to get employees back in the office, a pet-friendly policy could be the solution. After all, a happy dog (and a happy employee) is a productive one!

Take it from us – a pet in the office can make the world of difference! Just ask the Chronicle’s CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer – Maude!)

For more information and resources, visit https://australiacan.org.au/pet-projects/pet-friendly-business.

Remember: Responsible pet ownership is key. Ensure your furry friend is well-trained and doesn’t disrupt the workplace.


Pets in the Office: Wags, Not Woes, for a Happier Workplace