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Promoting Eye Health Awareness at Deepwater Plaza: World Glaucoma Week

Promoting Eye Health Awareness at Deepwater Plaza: World Glaucoma Week

As World Glaucoma Week approaches, Deepwater Plaza Woy Woy is proud to join the global initiative to raise awareness about the importance of eye health.

With eye diseases like glaucoma affecting millions worldwide, it’s crucial to prioritise regular eye check-ups and early detection. This year, we’re excited to partner with OPSM and Specsavers, two leading eyewear providers at Deepwater Plaza, to promote eye health awareness and offer valuable information to our community.


Did you know that Australia has one of the highest rates of glaucoma in the world?


With an estimated 300,000 Australians living with glaucoma and nearly half being undiagnosed, it’s more important than ever to prioritise regular eye exams. Glaucoma, often called the “silent thief of sight,” can lead to irreversible vision loss if left untreated. That’s why early detection through routine eye checks is crucial for maintaining healthy vision.


At Deepwater Plaza, we’re committed to prioritising eye health for our community. We’ve partnered with OPSM and Specsavers to provide convenient access to comprehensive eye exams and expert care. Whether you’re due for a check-up or have concerns about your vision, our dedicated optometrists are here to help.


OPSM and Specsavers offer state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology to assess your eye health and detect potential issues early on. From comprehensive eye exams to personalised advice on eyewear options, our trusted partners are committed to ensuring you receive the highest standard of care for your vision needs.


This World Glaucoma Week, take the first step towards protecting your vision by scheduling an eye exam at OPSM or Specsavers at Deepwater Plaza.

Your eyesight is precious, and regular check-ups are vital to maintaining optimal eye health. Join us in raising awareness about the importance of eye health and taking proactive steps towards preserving your vision for years to come.


Promoting Eye Health Awareness at Deepwater Plaza: World Glaucoma Week