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Reflecting on the Gosford Palliative Care Unit

Adam Crouch

Reflecting on the Gosford Palliative Care Unit

As we mark the three-year anniversary since the Gosford Palliative Care Unit opened its doors, it’s a time for reflection and celebration of the incredible support it has provided to individuals and families on the Central Coast. This milestone not only highlights the dedication of healthcare professionals but also underscores the vital role palliative care plays in our community.

Since its inauguration by former Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Member for Terrigal Adam Crouch, the unit has served over 1,200 patients, offering comfort and dignity during challenging times. Adam Crouch emphasizes the significance of palliative care, drawing from personal experience and praising the unit’s staff for their unwavering commitment.

Moreover, the unit offers a crucial choice for patients and families, ensuring that quality care is available even when homecare isn’t feasible. As Mr. Crouch notes, this is particularly essential as a majority of individuals prefer to spend their final days at home.

The journey doesn’t end here. Mr. Crouch’s advocacy extends to the northern part of the Central Coast, emphasizing the need for a dedicated palliative care unit at Wyong Hospital. While funding for infrastructure has been secured, ongoing support is essential to ensure the unit is fully operational with specialised staff.

However, concerns loom as recent funding cuts by the Minns Labor Government raise doubts about the future of palliative care services. Mr. Crouch, along with community organisations, stresses the urgency of securing necessary funding to uphold the standard of care at both Gosford and Wyong units.

In essence, these units are more than just healthcare facilities; they’re pillars of compassion, ensuring dignity and comfort for those facing life’s most challenging moments. Mr. Crouch’s call for continued funding echoes the sentiments of many who recognise the invaluable impact of palliative care in our community.

As we commemorate three years of the Gosford Palliative Care Unit, let us not only celebrate its achievements but also reaffirm our commitment to ensuring that compassionate care remains accessible to all who need it. Together, let’s advocate for a future where palliative care continues to thrive, providing solace and support to generations to come.





Reflecting on the Gosford Palliative Care Unit