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Refreshing Wins: Stadium Partnership

Refreshing Wins: Stadium Partnership

Exciting news has hit the Central Coast as Eastcoast Beverages, a local success story dating back to 1965, has officially partnered with Industree Group Stadium, the Home of Live Sport, Entertainment, and Community Events on the NSW Central Coast.

The roots of Eastcoast Beverages trace back to Salvatore Lentini, who 1965 began picking and packing fresh fruit from his Central Coast orchards. When tariffs on imported juice concentrate were lifted, Salvatore’s sons – Sam, Mick, and Frank Lentini – and their wives seized the opportunity to produce 100% fresh fruit juice. Three generations later, Eastcoast Beverages remains a family affair, operating on the same citrus farm in Kulnura, NSW.

The new partnership, launched with pride, designates Eastcoast Beverages as the exclusive supplier of juice and water to Industree Group Stadium for the next three years. Samuel Lentini, Managing Director of Eastcoast Beverages, expressed his excitement about the collaboration: “We are thrilled to lock in this partnership with Industree Group Stadium that will see us supply juice and water from our family business to this iconic venue.”

Eastcoast Beverages has become a household name across Australia, and the partnership with Industree Group Stadium is a testament to the company’s dedication to supporting local communities. Kath Casey, Industree Group Stadium Manager, welcomed Eastcoast Beverages, noting their local success and contributions to the community: “We are well aware of the fantastic support and contributions that Eastcoast Beverages continue to provide not only here in our local community but right across the country.”

Now, patrons at Industree Group Stadium can enjoy Eastcoast Beverages’ refreshing products, made right on the Central Coast. As the exclusive juice and water supplier, Eastcoast Beverages will enhance the stadium experience, allowing locals and visitors to savour quality beverages while cheering on their favourite teams. The partnership brings together two icons – the local stadium and the renowned beverage brand – creating a winning combination for the Central Coast community.