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Return and Earn a continuing success

return and earn

Return and Earn a continuing success

Since its inception in 2017, the Return and Earn program has been a shining example of effective waste management and community engagement. With an impressive 11 billion drink containers recycled to date, it’s clear that this initiative is making a significant impact on reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Adam Crouch, Member for Terrigal, lauded the program’s success, particularly highlighting the Central Coast’s remarkable contribution. “More than 511 million bottles, cans, and cartons have been recycled on the Central Coast since the creation of Return and Earn,” he revealed. This statistic places the Central Coast as the second-highest recycling local government area after Blacktown—a testament to the community’s dedication to environmental stewardship.

The widespread adoption of Return and Earn on the Central Coast reflects a broader trend of increasing awareness and participation in recycling initiatives. Mr. Crouch commended the community for their unwavering support, emphasizing that each milestone surpassed reaffirms their commitment to tackling waste head-on.

Moreover, the positive impacts of recycling extend beyond environmental benefits. Mr. Crouch highlighted the substantial contributions to charity and local community groups, with over $54 million raised through donated refunds and return point hosting fees. This demonstrates how recycling can not only protect the planet but also strengthen community ties and support worthwhile causes.

As Return and Earn continues to gather momentum, Mr. Crouch encouraged Central Coast residents to remain actively involved in the program. With convenient return points scattered across the region, recycling has never been easier or more rewarding. For those seeking more information or looking to locate their nearest return point, the Return and Earn website offers a wealth of resources and guidance.

In conclusion, the ongoing success of Return and Earn serves as a testament to the power of collective action in addressing environmental challenges. By working together and embracing sustainable practices, communities like the Central Coast are paving the way towards a cleaner, greener future for generations to come.


Return and Earn a continuing success