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Say “I Do” at Saddles

Say “I Do” at Saddles

Nestled within 28-acres of untouched Australian bushland lies a hidden gem, now embarking on an exciting new journey. Saddles Mount White has recently unveiled its latest venture, transforming into a coveted destination wedding venue that promises to steal the hearts of couples far and wide. With its breathtaking natural backdrop, it’s no surprise that Saddles has earned international acclaim, hailed by Conde Nast as ‘one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world’. Now, it’s ready to weave its magic into the realm of weddings, offering an experience like no other.

Located just an hour’s drive north of Sydney, Saddles Mount White beckons with its serene ambiance and awe-inspiring vistas. Imagine exchanging vows amidst the tranquil beauty of the new al fresco dining area, with the iconic Saddles dam reflecting the love shared between you and your partner. The surrounding Australian bushland adds an enchanting charm, making every moment feel timeless and magical.

After the ceremony, guests are invited to indulge in the rustic elegance of Saddles’ homestead restaurant for the reception. Here, beneath the soft glow of ambient lighting, culinary delights sourced from local ingredients await, tantalizing the taste buds and ensuring an unforgettable dining experience.

What truly sets Saddles Mount White apart as the quintessential wedding venue of 2024 is its commitment to creating personalized experiences tailored to each couple’s unique vision. Whether you dream of an intimate gathering or a lavish affair, the dedicated team at Saddles will work tirelessly to turn your dreams into reality, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all in attendance.

As the year unfolds, Saddles Mount White stands poised to solidify its status among the most sought-after wedding venues of 2024, offering couples the opportunity to exchange vows amidst the unparalleled beauty of Australia’s natural landscape. So, if you’re looking for a wedding venue that combines luxury, tranquility, and rustic charm, look no further than Saddles Mount White – where your happily ever after begins.


Say “I Do” at Saddles