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Spin it and win it on Hit 101.3

Spin it and win it on Hit 101.3

Spin it and win it on Hit 101.3 – Yup, it’s really that easy.

Hit 101.3 is the home of more winners, more often! And they’re living up to it with Hit’s $50K Spin & Win with guaranteed winners sharing in $50,000 worth of prizes!

Hit’s $50K Spin & Win isn’t reinventing the wheel…it’s putting a new spin on it! Be listening to Hit’s Maz & Matty and be ready to call 13 10 60 for your chance spin the prize wheel and WIN!

It could be a PS5, a set of AirPods, a holiday at Reflections Holiday Parks, a 12 month Impact Gym membership, a Platinum Merlin Annual Family Pass, or even cold hard cash – with all prizes totalling a huge $50,000 value!

We asked Breakfast hosts Maz & Matty how they would SPIN to WIN… We think you’ll love their responses…

You’ve done the right thing and done the laundry but realised your partner’s favourite white shirt is now a lovely shade of pink after accidentally going in with the colours… How do you “SPIN” the truth to your partner?

MAZ: Ok, we all know that there is no way that would happen at my place, I separate the whites, the colours and the darks when I do the laundry, if however this unfortunate situation unfolded in my house I would blame the dog, the dog gets the blame for a lot at our place.

MATTY: With the success of the Barbie movie, Pink is the in colour right now, I’d say I was doing you a favour to be fashion forward, leave the whites for the cricketers and lawn bowlers.

While you don’t have to worry about spinning the truth to WIN, all you have to do is listen to Hit 101.3  to Spin it and win it on Hit 101.3