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Sponsored: The holiday glow in a bottle

Over the summer break I’ve had the opportunity to try a product that really is The holiday glow in a bottle.

MOTHER SPF’s vegan, high-performance, vibrant, multi-purpose Pearl Drops. They’re here to boost your confidence to go foundation free and to shield your skin from environmental stressors such as pollution and free radicals. MOTHER SPF has created a bronzing drop formula, using the depths of the oceans natural greatest gift – Pearls. Like everything MOTHER SPF does – the product nourishes your skin first.

Pearl can be blended with MOTHER’s Mineral Sunscreen or your favourite hydration creme to create the perfect bronzed tone, for all skin types. Looking like a bronzed dewy goddess is just an added bonus!

Achieving the flawless Hailey Bieber effortless and iconic bronzed glow is nearly impossible as her go to Drunk Elephant bronzing drops are impossible to come by (thank you TikTok).

In my opinion these are the better dupe of Drunken Elephant Drops as it glides onto your skin like butter and lasts through from day to night.

Using key highlight ingredients such as Fractionated Melanin (a fractionated melanin compound, designed to be used topically as an additional environmental defence to help prevent oxidative stress on the skin), Pearl Powder, Vitamin C, Anti-Pollution Peptides(using an anti-pollution peptide from Moringa seeds that is clinically proven to protect the skin from pollution and purify the skin to enhance skin complexion) and Kakadu Plum for extra hydration and glow!


The holiday glow in a bottle

Note: The product doesn’t contain SPF, but all of the Mother SPF products are completely vegan, clean, and packaged in recycled plastic!

My thoughts?

As you might be aware, my summer was hijacked by COVID, then a nasty back injury, so my summer glow was non-existent (even a fake one!) so, adding a drop (about a pea size will do) of Mother Of Pearl to my moisturiser gave me the glow I was missing.

The results:

Don’t go crazy with how much you use, I squeezed a bit too much my first application and well, let’s just say I was more Tim Tam colour than skin-kissed tanned! Next time around I knew to use less and BINGO – instant holiday glow (even if I was only walking from my bed to the lounge room).

Now that I’m moving around more and (slowly) getting back to work and being out and about, I’ve also just started adding a few drops to my body moisturiser for an all over glow and am loving the results so far.

So if you’re keen a sun-kissed look, without the damaging rays, grab The holiday glow in a bottle – The Mother of Pearl from Mother SPF.


Note: I was gifted a bottle of The Mother of Pearl for review purposes. These are my views.  Remember to always wear SPF (and other sun protection) when in the sun and reapply often.