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Sweet Surprise of great signage

Sweet Surprise of great signage

Sweet Surprise of great signage

If you’ve been around Lake Haven, Terrigal or Umina lately you will have seen the distinctive branding of the Sweet Surprises shops.

It’s certainly eye-catching. And it’s all thanks to Display Power. Which made us think, what should be included when you’re considering your signage. We asked the experts (Display Power) and here’s what they recommend.

When thinking of signage there are a few things to consider… Including:

  • High level contrast – think of the McDonalds Red and Yellow – or in this case with Sweet Surprises Purple, Yellow and White
  • Font – You want your signage to be easy to read – consider who’s going past and in what mode of transport – train, car, on foot? How much time will they have to read your sign – you want it to be easy on the eye
  • How it will identify you – A great designer will help with this element – in connecting your signage with your brand values and product /service offering
  • What information is critical to include in your signage – Do you need to give directional information for parking or store hours? Again, keep the information as simple as possible and keep it easy to read.

These are all elements Display Power can help you with when considering your signage needs.

What makes the Sweet Surprise of great signage in this instance is the branding colours that the business has chosen.


Display Power is the one to go to if you’re looking to update your company signage the team at Display Power are only too happy to meet and discuss your needs.

Whatever your needs —  from a full retail graphics fit-out, to innovative indoor or outdoor  display systems and banner stands — Display Power can help you achieve the  visual impact you are looking for!

So contact Display Power so you too can experience the Sweet Surprise of great signage.