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Terrigal Woman of the Year announced

Terrigal Woman of the Year announced

Terrigal, a coastal gem on the New South Wales map, has just crowned its 2024 Woman of the Year, and the accolade goes to none other than Louise Vangestel. In the lead-up to International Women’s Day, it’s fitting to shine a spotlight on individuals like Louise, whose tireless efforts have enriched our community in countless ways.

Louise’s remarkable journey includes the founding of the Tarragal Outrigger Canoe Club, a beacon of support not only for our local community but also for Indigenous youth, thanks to partnerships with the Frank Baxter Youth Justice Centre and Bara Barang Corporation. Her commitment to fostering inclusivity and providing opportunities for our youth echoes the spirit of Taylor Swift’s anthem “Shake It Off” – shaking off barriers and dancing to the rhythm of empowerment.

Adam Crouch, Member for Terrigal, expressed the difficulty in selecting just one nominee from a pool of exceptional candidates. He acknowledged the outstanding contributions of all the nominees, recognizing their collective impact on our region. Among the nominees were individuals from various sectors, including sports, conservation, and community advocacy, showcasing the diverse talents and passions within our electorate.

In a field brimming with talent and dedication, Louise Vangestel stood out as a beacon of inspiration. Her unwavering commitment to community welfare and empowerment embodies the essence of leadership and service. As Mr. Crouch aptly put it, Louise is indeed a standout nominee for the prestigious title of Terrigal Woman of the Year 2024.

From left to right: Fiona Duignan, Lynette Drummond, Elizabeth Gabriel, Beris Meldrum, Julie Redfern, Adam Crouch, Louise Vangestel, Tammy Jackett, Judith Andrews, Jenny McCulla, Maggie Vincent, Gail Santi and Taia Sansom


As Louise prepares to represent Terrigal at the NSW Women of the Year Awards Ceremony, scheduled for the 7th of March 2024 at the International Convention Centre in Sydney, the community rallies behind her, celebrating her achievements and wishing her the best on this remarkable journey. It’s a moment to revel in the spirit of resilience and empowerment, echoing the sentiment of Taylor Swift’s hit “Fearless” – embracing challenges with courage and grace.

Louise Vangestel’s legacy will continue to inspire future generations, reminding us all of the power of compassion, dedication, and community spirit in shaping a brighter tomorrow. Terrigal is undoubtedly fortunate to have such a remarkable woman leading the way towards a more inclusive and vibrant future.

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Terrigal Woman of the Year announced