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The Complete Guide to Spring on the Coast for 2022




Spring is about to do it’s thing and we want to highlight the best of the Coast this Spring

Our next feature will be all about The Complete Guide to Spring for 2022

This feature is your opportunity to promote your blooming’ marvellous offering as the months start to warm up! 

The Complete Guide to Spring for 2022

Here are some ideas to get you thinking… 


*Spring sales – Any specials that people need to “spring into action” to get? 

*Spring fashion – tips, tricks, trends

*Spring menus – what’s on offer, potential recipes to share? 

*Spring health and wellness offers or tips and tricks 

*Spring home and garden offers or advice for novices 

+ anything you can think of /want to promote! All of these are just ideas for content, we include your business offering and details as part of the promotion! 


Interested? Great! (Knew you would be 😉)

Here’s what you get:

*Inclusion in our SPRING feature 

*1 X dedicated Instagram Post  (3.2K followers)

*1 X dedicated Facebook Post (1.5K followers and likes)

*Inclusion in our members AND subscribers newsletter


*Boosted awareness through social media advertising

To participate in the feature, it’s just $25+GST  

What do you need to provide?

100-150 words on your Spring offering and links to your business (we need both your website and social media pages please!)

Please include any offers / Spring deals you’d like to include (hint: including an exclusive offer that can be tracked via your website or in-store is a great way to monitor success!)  

One image – not your logo! This could be of your product or your service – that’s it.

We’ll do the rest. 

To be part of our feature for our The Complete Guide to Spring for 2022 guide simply click here and sign up.


DEADLINE to submit info is 28 August 2022 5pm


Make sure you choose the Spring 2022 option  (and if you’ve registered before, we’ve made it easy for you to sign-up again!)