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The Money’s in the Music on the M’s!

The Money's in the Music on the M's!

The Money’s in the Music on the M’s!

The Money’s In The Music! Yep Triple M has a new comp and it’s super easy!

There’s nothing better than hearing banger, after banger on the radio and there’s no better music than what you hear on 107.7 Triple M.

That’s why 107.7 Triple M have brought Cash Tracks to the airwaves, rewarding YOU just for listening to the tracks that they play.

The Money's in the Music on the M's!

All you need to do is keep your ears glued to 107.7 Triple M’s Workday with Mickey D and Justin Coombes-Pearce to listen out for what the next ‘Cash Track’ is.

What would we call a “Cash Track?”

I’m glad you asked… We’ve created our list below, let us know if you agree….

THIS Bryan Adams Song – “The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me is You”

If we’re talking all time tracks that we think should bring you the Cash it HAS to be a bit f Lenny K with “Are You Gonna Go My Way”

Or this banger from Del Amtri – “Roll to me”

How about this Oasis classic? ” Roll With It”

We had to include this Ben Folds classic “Rockin’ the suburbs”

And finally it’s not a banging “Cash Track” Playlist (our list here at the Chronicle!) without a smash from Gorillaz “Feel Good Inc.”

Once you hear the Cash Track on air, call through on 1 333 53, and if you’re the one who gets on the air with one of the Workday jocks first, you’ll instantly win $107.07 all thanks to Harvey Norman Electrical!

That’s Friday night dinner taken care of, or perhaps shouting some mates some drinks at the local or you may want to treat the kids to a movie and snacks!

It pays to listen to 107.7 Triple M for the Cash Track – The Money’s in the Music on the M’s!