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The Perfect Pair with Paddy & Rob Palmer

The Perfect Pair with Paddy & Rob Palmer is happening… Before we explain we want to know when you think of perfect pairs what comes to mind?


Cheese and wine?

Bert and Ernie?

Peanut Butter and Jelly?

Summer and The Central Coast?

Beer and Burgers?

A never-ending pack of Tim-Tams and a good cup of tea?


What about Triple M Central Coast’s Rob and Paddy? (YES!!)

Triple M Breakfast with Paddy and Rob Palmer have baked up a great new idea for their listeners just in time for Christmas…

Paddy and Rob Palmers Perfect Pair!

There will be 40 cards up in the Triple M studios, and behind each card is an epic prize! And you’ve guessed it, You have to match the cards to win that prize – so it pays to listen!

Our tip? Keep a record in your notes app of what’s been opened!

RULES: Listeners will need to match 2 cards that have the same prize on the back of them…and if they do, they will win that prize!

Triple M will have 20 epic prizes up for grabs ranging from a staycation (yes please!) …a years worth of beer (sounds good to us!)… concert tickets and even cold hard cash (Oh yeah!)!

The best thing is, it’s super easy to be involved – put your detective ears on and be listening across breakfast on weekdays.

Paddy and Rob Palmer’s Perfect Pair…right up until Friday December 16 to win, only on Triple M!

Listen on the Listnr app here.