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Triple M Central Coast’s Super Simple Secret Sound

Triple M Central Coast's Super Simple Secret Sound picture of stylish kitchen

Triple M Central Coast’s Super Simple Secret Sound could win you a new kitchen.

What would your dream kitchen look like?

Perhaps it could take some of the elements of the Fiore di Cristallo, hailed as the world’s most expensive kitchen, which cost a whopping $1.6 million. It includes Italian crystal- crystal door handles, crystal worktop and a Swarovski chandelier that hangs above the kitchen island.


Perhaps you’re after a more celeb style kitchen?


Maybe Tay-Tay’s kitchen?

Or maybe you’re modelling yours on Marge and Homer Simpson’s cooking space?

Or perhaps, where Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia and Rose’s kitchen from the Golden Girls?

You could be taking a page out of J-Lo’s palatial kitchen…

Maybe you’re a keen cook like Monica from FRIENDS and want to cook up a storm for your nearest and dearest…

Or you could create your dream kitchen modelled on Chrissy Teigen’s and John Legend’s…


Whatever your dream kitchen, let Paddy & Rob make the dream a reality with new kitchen worth $15,000 thanks to Galley Kitchens. 


Across the next 3 weeks get on the air with Paddy & Rob to play the Super Secret Simple Sound, which will be a sound you’d hear in a brand new Galley Kitchens kitchen.

If you guess it correctly, you’ll win your way to the finals held in the Galleys Kitchen showroom, where Paddy & Rob will be broadcasting their show live as they play a final round of the Super Simple Secret Sound to find the winner.

The first finalist to guess the Super Simple Secret Sound correctly will win the new $15,000 Galley Kitchens kitchen!


So be listening this week to Triple M Central Coast’s Super Simple Secret Sound for your chance to win! Click here to listen. 

Oh and don’t forget to invite us for dinner once it’s completed!


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