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Which Coast Radio Station is #1?

Which Coast Radio Station is #1?

If you’re like us a love a HIT 😉 of local news, then you’ll be interested to find out which Coast Radio Station is #1?

The immediacy of radio, the connection that you can feel to a local station and the presenters, radio is a unique offering and on the Coast the recent radio survey has showcased which stations came out top!



Approximately 128,400 coasties tune in to Hit or Triple M each week, reaching a whopping 42% of the market and growing 1% year-on-year. Cementing SCA (the parent company of Hit 101.3 and Triple M Central Coast) as the #1 Network on the Central Coast.


Hit 101.3 is  the #1 station for the key People 25-54 demographic, it’s also the #1 station for under 40s, and #1 in Breakfast for both People 25-54! That surely deserves a round of applause.

Triple M has exciting achievements as well!

Triple M is the only Central Coast station to grow listenership year-on-year. That’s no mean feat in a highly competitive market. It’s also #1 in Breakfast for Males 25-54 & Males 40+

So tune into Hit 101.3 or Triple M Central Coast. You can listen to Maz & Matty in the mornings on Hit 101.3 online or via the Listnr App

If you’re keen to listen to the antics of Paddy & Rob Palmer on Triple M Central Coast, listen online here  or check out the Triple M options on the Listnr App.